free consultations to assess your skin and discuss a treatment plan

between 1 and 3 sessions required for best results

you will have scabbing on the treated area for 1 -2 weeks after the treatment so planning around events and work may be necessary

does not work on veins on legs and feet

treatment time is anything between 5 mins and 30 mins depending on how extensive the treatment needs to be

The new Thermovein treatment, also known as thermocoagulation, is a minimally invasive technique used in the treatment of specific types of veins on the face,neck and decollate only. It does not work on veins on the legs and feet.

Appropriate veins include fine telangiectasia, small cherry angiomas, and veins that are resistant to intense pulse light (IPL) treatment.

A hair-thin probe is placed on the vein, and a microburst of high energy heats the vein, causing it to collapse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should have thermovein?

People with fine spider veins, fine telangiectasia, small angiomas, and veins that are resistant to sclerotherapy or IPL treatment on their face,neck and decollate can be treated with thermovein.

You are not a good candidate for thermovein if you have an allergy to metal, especially nickel.

How is thermovein performed?

A fine, hair-thin insulated probe is placed directly onto the vein by a trained technician. Thermovein delivers a microburst of energy that heats the vein. The heat causes the blood in the vein to coagulate, which collapses the vein. The vein is then gradually absorbed by the body. Similar to a cauterisation.

What can I expect after treatment?

Results are seen immediately, with continuous improvement over several weeks to two months. Micro-abrasions, swelling and redness may be noticed immediately after treatment. The skin may feel sensitive for a few days, and harsh chemicals should be avoided on the treated area. The use of aloe vera or antiseptic powders can relieve discomfort and promote healing. It is also important to remember to not scratch the area. Treated veins generally will not return. However, new veins may develop over time, so “touch ups” are recommended. A warm sensation at the site may be felt immediately after treatment.

What are risks and side effects of thermovein treatment?

As with any medical treatment, there are certain risks and side effects associated with thermovein. Very rarely, pitting or scarring may occur.

How is thermovein different from intense pulsed light (IPL)?

Unlike IPL or laser therapy, thermovein is not skin type dependent.

Thermovein targets the specific vein versus a generalized area and ablates the vein instantly, in contrast to IPL. Thermovein and IPL are not ideal for varicose veins, which are bluish-purple vessels that are large and bulge from the skin.

Are multiple treatments sessions recommended?

In most patients, 2 sessions of 15-30 minutes each is needed. This depends greatly on the severity of the problem and the size of the area being treated. During your appointment, we will be able to advise you if several treatment sessions are recommended.

How frequently does one do the treatments?

The treatments are generally 2 weeks apart to allow for healing. One session every 2 weeks is recommended until there are no veins left to ablate or the clients is happy with the results.

You may want to reduce residual redness with an IPL treatment afterwards to enhance a more clear complexion after treatment with the Thermovein is complete.

ThermoVEIN Price per session
15 Minutes R 350.00
30 Minutes R 650
60 Minutes R 1100.00