IPL for Pigmentation

What is Pigmentation? Skin pigmentation covers a range of skin irregularities resulting from increased melanin production. It is known technically as hyperpigmentation (this should not be mixed up with hypopigmentation and such things as vitiligo). Skin pigmentation is a far-reaching Continue reading →


One of the problems with PCOS is that the cause of the condition is not fully understood, though one notable factor is that it does seem to run in families. Currently there is no cure and the treatment is only Continue reading →

Product Launch

We are taking it to a NEW LEVEL and a very exciting start to the season!!!! We are proudly the first skin care institute in Cape Town to stock Beaute Pacifique.These products are clinically proven to increase collagen production of Continue reading →

IPL for eczema and psoriasis

Did you know that IPL is an excellent way to treat eczema and psoriasis. Intense pulses of light encourage collagen production and normalization of the skin’s form and structure. The treatment is quick, easy and painless and does not require Continue reading →