Acne Treatment

free consultations to assess your skin and discuss a treatment plan

treatment needs to be assisted with a healthy eating plan

we use a combination of IPL and Beaute Pacifiques Clinical range of products

recommended by doctors and dermatologists

At Silk Laser Studio we are able to destroy the acne-causing bacteria, minimise inflammation and reduce scarring.
IPL pulses yellow, green and red light waves. The yellow and green light wipeout the bacteria, while the red light targets the overactive and inflamed sebaceous glands, causing them to shrink. The natural healing process will assist the acne to heal quickly, rejuvenate the skin and minimise acne scarring.
It is important to remember that although E-light helps to control active acne, it is essential to follow a healthy eating plan to minimise the recurrence of acne until the body’s raging hormones stabilise.

We also recommend using our in Clinical range of products to improve your results.

Beaute Pacifique is an imported product range from Denmark of high quality which really helps to control acne breakouts.

It works symbiotically with our IPL treatments delivering best results.

Area Price per Treatment No. of Treatments
Face, Neck & Decolleté R 800.00 3-10
Face & Neck R 650.00 3-10
Face R 550.00 3-10
Neck R 400.00 3-10
Decolleté R 550.00 3-10
Shoulders, Decolleté & Neck R 800.00 3-10
Cheeks & Chin R 400.00 3-10
Cheeks R 350.00 3-10
Forehead R 350.00 3-10
Nose R 250.00 3-10
Eyes R 350.00 3-10
Mouth R 300.00 3-10
Full Back R 1300.00 3-10
1/2 Back R 800.00 3-10
Full Legs R 1900.00 3-10
Upper Leg R 1100.00 3-10
1/2 Leg incl Knees R 1300.00 3-10
Full Arms R 900.00 3-10
Full Arms & Hands R 1100.00 3-10
1/2 Arms R 600.00 3-10
1/2 Arms & Hands R 750.00 3-10
Hands incl. Fingers R 350.00 3-10
Hands 1/2 R 300.00 3-10
*** Price may change at any time without Prior notice ***